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SMMSSendmail Mobile Message Server
SMMSSociedad Mexicana de Mecánica de Suelos (Mexico)
SMMSSpatial Metadata Management System (oceanographic research)
SMMSSocial Media Management System
SMMSSAR Mission Management System (Canada)
SMMSSudbrook Magnet Middle School (Baltimore, MD)
SMMSSouth Mountain Middle School (Allentown, PA)
SMMSSolution Monitoring and Management Services
SMMSScofield Magnet Middle School (Stamford, CT)
SMMSSouth Miami Middle School (Florida)
SMMSSoldiers Memorial Middle School
SMMSSupport Maintenance Management System
SMMSSprint Managed Mobility Service
SMMSShipbuilding Material Management System
SMMSService Manager Management System
SMMSShips Maintenance Management System
SMMSSteve McNabb Memorial Scholarship
SMMSSt. Martin Middle School (Mississippi)
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Although only the straight microchannels are produced within one SMM in the present fabrication method, a simple integration of SMMs into a mold core and its utilization in the various molding process enable us to realize the versatile microlluidic systems.
The data (smoothed monthly mean sunspots, SMMS) were downloaded from, that is the web side of the National Geophysical Data Center.
Mean age of HRGs was 28.69 (SD 8.2) years, with mean age of IDU of 34.87 (SD 7.5) years, FSW of 32.65 (SD 7.5) years, SMMs of 27.19 (SD 7.6) years, MSM of 32.54 (SD 9.3) years.
FossilShale's Smart Mobile Monitoring System (SMMS) is a cost effective IP Camera surveillance solution running on Mobile devices targeted for small industrial establishments, Baby Monitors, Patient Monitoring systems etc.
PlumSlice, which expects to launch its SaaS offer in October, is another company getting ready to jump into the SMMS fray.
A collection of individuals working together as a team also needs mental representations, or SMMs, in order to effectively accomplish their assigned tasks.
From another aspect, the SMMs have long been considered to play vital roles in team performance especially for those requiring intact corporation but lacking enough coordination time.
Since these changes were made in 2003, SMMS has not been observed at the PSFI.
The second concept on which the SMMS is built is the Heuristic Model of Nonoppressive Interpersonal Development (HMNID; Ancis & Ladany, 2001).
At the intensive end of the scale is the Student Money Management Services (SMMS) program launched at Bowling Green State University (Ohio) last July.
Jerry Jasinowski, president of the Manufacturing Institute of the National Association of Manufacturers, says "SMMs [small and medium-sized manufacturers] are the dominant part of the global supply chain network of large corporations ...
According to recent figures from the Pensions Regulator (TPR) and Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) UK manufacturers have pounds 19bn of pension deficits, and it is SMMs who face the most precarious future.