SMMSEStandardized Mini Mental State Examination
SMMSESevere Mini-Mental State Examination (various organizations)
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The SMMSE is primarily used as a screening test and the results need to be validated and supported by other tests.
A significant difference was noted between the scores of cases and controls for the SMMSE, BCRS, and TMT-B (p < 0.
Test Mean ([+ or -] standard T value p Value deviation) score SMMSE Cases 23.
2000), the following test scores were specialized into subscores for statistical analysis: For the SMMSE, only the total score was calculated.
The total SMMSE score for our sample (calculated cut-off of <26) showed high sensitivity (90.
In accordance with this criterion, the SMMSE showed strong values for both sensitivity and specificity.
The SMMSE for the sample ranged from 23 to 26 which was within normal range.
Thirdly, the sample selected participants with a high SMMSE score to ensure accuracy of BIS measurements.
At the conclusion of the study, mean improvement from baseline SMMSE was 1.