SMMSEStandardized Mini Mental State Examination
SMMSESevere Mini-Mental State Examination (various organizations)
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The SMMSE test covers a variety of cognitive domains, including orientation to time and place, short- and long-term memory, registration, recall, constructional ability, language, and the ability to understand and follow commands.
The SMMSE is primarily used as a screening test and the results need to be validated and supported by other tests.
Finally, as noted above, the Let Me Decide program was designed for residents with an SMMSE score as low as 16 to be able to share their health care preferences [35].
In those whose brain power had been assessed by Qmci, which is a more sensitive screen than the SMMSE, the difference was small, but significant.
SMMSE. The SMMSE provides information regarding global cognitive function, by assessing orientation, attention, calculation, word recall, language abilities, and visuospatial abilities.
Second, a neuropsychological test battery consisting of the following tests was administered: the FAQ, SMMSE, 3W3S, VFT (human, animal, and human-animal), CDT, and GDS.
Compared with the patients who discontinued donepezil, those who continued the drug scored better by 1.9 points on the SMMSE. They also scored better by 3.
* Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination (sMMSE) (International Psychogeriatric Association, 2008).
In a regression analysis, greater aerobic activity was associated with better cognitive function in subjects who did not carry the ApoE4 high-risk allele and chose who carried only one copy: Among those aged 60-69, the mean sMMSE score was 16 in noncarriers and heterozygous carriers who exercised, and 15 in nonexercisers.
Recruited participants were then visited by staff from the Unit and the SMMSE and BIS measurements were recorded.
A higher percentage of the ERT plus donepezil group responded positively to treatment with an SMMSE change greater than 1 point.
According to the SMMSE scores, there were significant favorable effects on orientation, attention and memory with sertraline, in contrast with venlafaxine.