SMMSPSpectral Methods and Multirate Signal Processing (workshop)
SMMSPSendmail Message Submission Program (UNIX mail program)
SMMSPSalinity Mapping and Management Support Project (Australia)
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The third section presents a small example of a SMMSP and describes the ATS-SMMSP.
SMMSP literature is principally found in military publications and in unpublished information residing in the community of users and programmers of specific mobility models.
In this section, aspects of TS particularly relevant to the SMMSP are discussed and an overview of historical TS applied to military combinatorial optimization problems is presented.
The SAP is a component of the SMMSP. ATS-SMMSP stipulates the mode of transport for each RLN and assigns RLNs to vehicles at a more macroscopic level than the SAP.
The SMMSP is a large combinatorial optimization problem with partitioning, scheduling, and routing aspects.
A TPFDD stipulates all needed information for the transport of cargo for a given contingency and the solution of the SMMSP yields a redefinition of a TPFDD.
There are two SMMSP solution representations using either vehicle routing or RLN routing.
Typical problems address thousands of RLNs and the inherent complexity of the SMMSP precludes the use of classical optimization methods.