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SMNCSuper Monday Night Combat (gaming)
SMNCStamford Museum and Nature Center (Stamford, CT)
SMNCSurvival of Motor Neuron 2, Centromeric
SMNCSangha Maha Nayaka Committee (religious leader coordination committee; Myanmar)
SMNCSeaford/Moana Neighbourhood Centre (Australia)
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At the conference, SMNC met with approximately 68 retailers in ten minute intervals to demonstrate the SMNC organic cosmetics line.
SMNC conceives, designs and formulates unique cosmetic and all-purpose products from organic materials with a variety of applications including fingernail polish remover, make up remover, sneaker cleaner wipes, instant shoe shine wipes, acne treatment wipes, eye glass, cleaner and defogger, car interior leather cleaning pads, vitamin E applicators, etc.
We demonstrated the entire Superwipe organic cosmetics line, the Superwipe nail polish remover, Clear Coat nail polish, vitamin E, and our washable nail file," said Mario Quenneville, President and CEO of SMNC.
For the first half of 2004, SMNC has already distributed their organic cosmetic line in over 925 fashion apparel, home furnishings and cosmetic national retail stores.
SMNC sponsorship of Joe's trek around the United States has generated a large amount of interest due to advertising.
I believe this union will broaden our investor base and increase awareness of our company," said Mario Quenneville, President and CEO of SMNC.
P & D Premiere Imports has the approval to import and sell the following SMNC products in Canada: - Healthy Nails brand Nail Polish Remover Pads - Superfile - Superwipe Nail Polish Remover Pads - Shoe Shine Wipes - Sneaker Cleaner Wipes - Clear Coat - Vitamin E
Attendees at the charity event included Joe Nolfo (with his motorcycle), CEO Mario Quenneville, SMNC Supermodels Svetlana Meliakova and Gisela Carver, SMNC's racing boat with driver Jack Josman, and SMNC's drag racing car accompanied by driver Rick Troefke.
In addition to National Geographic, SMNC has received coverage commitments from thirty-three newspapers as well as various television inquiries.
Pink Sheets:SMNC) and P & D Premiere Imports have signed a letter of intent granting P & D the right to import the SMNC product line into Canada.
For Year Ending 2003 SMNC has released unaudited financial statements.
Genesis benefits by immediate income from the agreement while SMNC leverages the market experience and low cost entry afforded by Genesis's distribution chain.