SMODStandard Mode of Dress (various schools)
SMODSpecial Mode
SMODSweet Meteor of Death (politics)
SMODSingle Manufacturer One Design (boating)
SMODSuper Mod (gaming, Half Life 2 modification)
SMODSerial Port Mode (Intel 8051 Microcontroller)
SMODSpace and Missile Operations Duty (US Air Force)
SMODSecondary Means of De-Energization
SMODSpace Monkies of Death (band)
SMODStaff Member On Duty
SMODSedimentable Mineral Organic Detritus
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(smod BUISNESS-PROCESS-PROTOCOL is strat Branch0 : @ Configuration .
(smod MULTI-AGENT-BEHAVIOUR-DESCRIPTION-PATHS is strat Root : @ Configuration .
Tenders are invited for Supply of Epitholial-Mesenchymol Transition Antibody Sampler Kit, Smod 4, Phospho-Gabhi, Phospho Met, Rabbit m
The creations of graduate designers from the top schools in Europe were on parade including Central St Martin's in London, Institutio di Design of Rome and SMOD from Paris.
To have a business like sMod developing software and specialising in innovative solutions for small to medium businesses headquartered in Launceston and selling products to the world demonstrates just how much opportunity the NBN offers.
Developing and selling apps, as well as providing global business software products right here in Tasmania, sMod shows the enormous potential that the NBN opens up.
Mr Wightman said sMod had just employed an additional two staff.
Mr Wightman said the work of sMod highlighted the stupidity of the Federal Liberal Government in threatening Tasmania s NBN rollout.
Tickers featured: AEL, AINV, ASGN, AVID, AZPN, DFR, INSU, MMSI, SBNY, SMOD. Complete text approximately 3000 words.