SMOHSince Major Overhaul (airplane engines)
SMOHSmoothened, Drosophila, Homolog Of
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There is a need for cooperation and coordination between the SMOH at Damazin and the management of the Project at Roseires Dam to optimise use of health facilities for the community of Damazin and workers on the Project.
WHO shared this information with SMOH who immediately assigned a team to visit the area and take the necessary measures by providing mobile health services and extend water pipe lines.
I bought one in June 2007, a 1959 150 with about 2500 hours on the airframe and 500 SMOH on the engine and the original drum brakes.
catchment area and 100 SMOH and 180 men and women will be trained to conduct community mobilization
e* UNFPA is supporting SMOH WD to train medical doctors and midwives on Emergency Obstetric Care( EmOC) e* UNFPA WD is supporting SMoH to conduct a set of activities on HIV/AIDS including peer education and training of trainers (TOTs) for high risk groups.