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In this context I would like to mention a number of contemporary Slovene novels which due to lack of space I was unable to include in my discussion, but which are of high quality and in line with various literary criteria belong at the very peak of Slovene (and probably world) novel writing: Drago Janear, Gallery Slave; Ciril Kosmac, Spring Day; Lojze Kovacic, Newcomers; Marusa Krese, That I Am Afraid; Florjan Lipus, Bostjan's Flight; Boris Pahor, Necropolis; Dominik Smole, Black Days and a White Day?
the output of the super molecule selection phase) (4) for each tempS in tempSet except SMole (5) choose a tuple ([v.sub.i], [f.sub.i], [p.sub.i]) in tempS, where [f.sub.] = 0, randomly; (6) generate a random number rnd [member of] (0,1); (7) if rnd [greater than or equal to] 0.5 (8) find the first predecessor [v.sub.j] = Pred([v.sub.i]) from [v.sub.i] to the begin in molecule tempS; (9) interchanged position of ([v.sub.i], [f.sub.i], [p.sub.i]) and ([v.sub.j+1], [f.sub.j+1], [p.sub.j+1]) in molecule tempS; (10) update [f.sub.i], [f.sub.i+1] and [f.sub.j+1] as defined in the last paragraph of Section 4.2.1.
Smole, in: The Geographical Review, 67(1), 115-116.
In addition to author Petra Muth Zupanc, the Sveta Vladar team included Blaz Vuk, Tine Lugaric, Robert Krizmancic, Damjana Groselj, Ana Lukanc and Andrej Hrovat from Pristop; Marko Tisma, Nina Malec Poklic and Natasa Sernc from Nova KBM; and Jernej Spende and Matjaz Smole from Renderspace.
In a submission made earlier this month to the Commons' Energy and Climate Change Committee, which is investigating the Severn Barrage proposal, Robbee Smole, the organisation that represents the port of Bristol, said: "There would be no overall gain for the economy as the temporary economic gain from the construction of the barrage is balanced by the loss from closure of the ports at Bristol and Sharpness and associated businesses.
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Smole and Ortiz-Castro (2000) have pointed out that culturally-specific literature can also help children from other cultures develop an understanding and appreciation of the Latino culture.
"Balancing the Beast: A Bright View of Schizoaffective Disorder" is a guide from Helena Smole aimed at those coping with the titular disorder and struggling to control it all.
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The second is by Dominick Smole, a Slovenian writer under the Tito regime.