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SMONSystem Monitor
SMONSubacute Myelo-Optico-Neuropathy (disorder)
SMONSwitch Network Monitoring
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Victims have said there is a need to make greater efforts because none of the lessons learned in the aftermath of the SMON epidemic were applied and because the Health and Welfare Ministry failed to live up to its promise of preventing the occurrence of drug-induced diseases.
1p priority and traffic classes, and SNMP, RMON and SMON (Draft Q, P MIB support).
SMON, which extends Remote Monitoring (RMON) to switched networks, is technology Lucent pioneered and spearheaded as an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 2613 standard a year ago.
SMON is a Lucent pioneered technology, now an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) monitoring standard (RFC 2613), that allows enterprise customers to monitor their switched data networks from a single management console.