SMOPECSmall Open Economy
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* This paper discusses international market and operation strategies of service MNEs from small and open economies (SMOPECs).
Keywords: Internationalisation Process * Market Strategy * Operation Strategy * Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) * Services * Telecommunications * Small Countries * Small and Open Economies (SMOPECs)
This cross-border multiple-case study will analyse in depth four companies from small and open economies (SMOPECs), which operate in a capital intensive service industry, the telecommunications industry.
Based partly on the models developed by Luostarinen (1979, 1994) and Welch and Luostarinen (1988), and Dunning's OLI-model (1988, 1995, 2000), a conceptual framework was developed to analyse international marketing and operation strategies of service MNEs from SMOPECs (see Fig.
The study reported in this paper is a cross-border multiple-case study which is based on an in depth analysis of four national telecommunications companies from SMOPECs: SingTel from Singapore, Sonera from Finland, Telia from Sweden, and Telstra from Australia.
Also, our fourth proposition, that telcos from SMOPECs enter developing countries early, even if they are psychically and culturally distant, was supported.