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SMORStandardized Mortality Odds Ratio
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Smor nestles in an underground vault close to the river and takes diners on a journey of Scandinavian flavours.
Maternal outcomes N % Health indicators MD 1,028 0.14 MMR = 147.3/100,000 LB MNM 21,985 3.1 MNMR = 31.5/1000 LB SMO 23,013 3.2 SMOR = 33.0/1000 LB PLTC 110,038 15.5 PLTCR = 157.7/1000 LB LSMM 137,589 19.3 LSMMR = 197.2/1000 LB AMM 270,640 38.0 AMMR = 387.8/1000 LB No morbidity 441,441 62.0 Total 712,081 100.0 Total LB: 697,820 AMM: any maternal morbidity; AMMR: any maternal morbidity ratio; LB: live births; LSMM: less severe maternal morbidity; LSMMR: less severe maternal morbidity ratio; MD: maternal death; MMR: maternal mortality ratio; MNM: maternal near miss; MNMR: maternal near miss ratio; PLTC: potentially life-threatening condition; PLTCR: potentially life-threatening condition ratio; SMO: severe maternal outcome; SMOR: severe maternal outcome ratio.
Severe maternal outcome ratio (SMOR) is 5.96 per 1.000 live births and maternal near miss to mortality ratio is 58:1.
Furthermore, maternal infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis were not on the list of potentially life-threatening conditions, so the SMOR could not be calculated for these disease conditions.
SMOR: A german computational morphology covering derivation, composition, and inflection.
Turku, with its enchanting old town feel, is g a culinary hub with plenty of varied and sophisticated food options, including top restaurants such as Kaskis, Smor and Mami.
The competitively awarded Sustainment and Modification of Radar Sensors (SMORS) contract has a seven-year period of performance.
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