SMORTSpecial Medical Operations Response Team
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Appendix B List of Pseudo-Words and their English Equivalents Pseudo words English words Pertrugant Astronaut/s Smort Want/s/ed Drinler Computer/s Nase Use/ed Lunic Big Ratpince Window Soramp Stop Sabrident Different Pulark Walk Snagert Doctor Gleap Boat Sind Hit Cawng Large Acknowledgments
Longwood names first: DBeeby 8 SMort 21, F Greenwood 11 G Telford 21, I Briggs 9 A Cairns 21, R Crowther 21 M Telford 14, S Gilroy 14 P Bailey 21, RSutton 15CMorrison 21, M Bramall 7 N Jenkinson 21, RWhitwam 21 A Burtles 12, RMozley 21 AMorrison 8, D Walkden 21 G Soller 11.