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SMOSSoil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission (European Space Agency Earth Explorer Mission)
SMOSSpecial Minister of State (Australia; est. 1972)
SMOSSurface Meteorological Observation System
SMOSSecondary Military Occupational Specialty
SMOSSummary of Meteorological Observations, Surface
SMOSSingapore Mathematical Olympiad Senior (Singapore)
SMOSSimple Matter of Software
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So they had a vast amount of data from a range of environments they could use to validate SMOS soil moisture measurements.
The team compared a year's worth of soil moisture data collected by SMOS with data from the four ARS watersheds and from another satellite system.
The researchers determined that the SMOS soil moisture estimates approached a 95-percent rate of accuracy, and they also identified conditions that reduced accuracy.
Information from SMOS is expected to help improve short and medium-term weather forecasts, and also have practical applications in areas such as agriculture and water resource management.
At the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid), the SMOS satellite user segment for examining the Earth's water cycle is situated.
The SMOS satellite user segment for studying the Earth's water cycle is located at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid).
Indra, as the company that led the SMOS user segment, has undertaken corrective and preventive maintenance since the start of operations in June 2010.
This reprocessing center is based on the same software used by the main center, but Indra has contributed improvements that enable the reprocessing of SMOS data between 12 and 30 times faster, depending on the end product's required level.
GE s SMOS provides a set of software tools to manage and operate a utility s smart meter estate.
Running on Oracle Exadata, GE s SMOS can process data from 100 million smart meters in less than 100 minutes 1 .