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SMOWSingle Mom on Welfare
SMOWStandard Mean Ocean Water
SMOWSt. Mary Of The Woods (Chicago, Illinois)
SMOWStichting Muziekonderwijs Olst Wijhe (Olst and Wijhe, Netherlands music education)
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([per thousand]) ([degrees]C) Sample Group I 0.012 60 [+ or -] 3 Sample Group II 0.004 56 [+ or -] 3 Sample Group III 0.016 64 [+ or -] 4 [delta][sup.18] [O.sub.water] (SMOW) Sample Group I 1.0 [+ or -]0.8 Sample Group II -0.1 [+ or -]0.2 Sample Group III 0.6 [+ or -] 1.2 For each sample the three [[DELTA].sub.47] replicate measurements are averaged and show one standard deviation close to that found for homogeneous carbonate standards ([+ or -]0.014 [per thousand], 1 SD).
At BadshahPur section sample BN-1 to BN-2the d 13C isotope ratios variedfrom negative value of -1.46 (VPDB) to -1.65 (VPDB) and d 18O isotope ratios varied from -6.49 (VPDB) or 24.23 (SMOW) to -6.85 (VPDB) or 23.85 (SMOW) upward in sample BN-3 decreased in negative value of -1.32 (VPDB) ofd 13C isotope ratios and also in d 18O isotope decreased to -5.62 (VPDB) or 25.13 (SMOW).
The analyses for stable isotopes were carried out at the Centre D'Etudes Nucleaires De Saclay, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France and were reported relative to SMOW.
Parameters [delta][sup.18]O [delta][sup.2]H ([per thousand] ([per thousand] versus SMOW) versus SMOW) Wet season Minimum -6,03 -33,94 Maximum -3,5 -22,15 Average -4,91 -28,06 Parameters [delta][sup.18]O [delta][sup.2]H ([per thousand] ([per thousand] versus SMOW) versus SMOW) Dry season Minimum -5,74 -31,46 Maximum -0,06 -10,31 Average -3,78 -23,33
Carbonate stable isotope compositions ([delta][sup.13][C.sub.carb] and [delta][sup.18][C.sub.carb]) were obtained on micro-drilled samples of micritic carbonate (n = 3 per nodule) that were analyzed on a Thermo 253 IRMS coupled to a Kiel IV autosampler; results were calibrated against NBS-19 and internal standards, and results are presented relative to the PDB scale for C and the SMOW scale for oxygen.
The [[delta].sup.2]H and [delta][sup.18]O isotopic values (versus SMOW) of thermal water samples are presented in Table 5.
The [delta][sup.18]O and [delta]D of extracted pore waters ranged between -8.7 and -5.9 [per thousand] SMOW and between -61.5 and -44.1 [per thousand] SMOW, respectively, and are consistent with meteoric waters taking account of the uncertainty due to the analytical technique (Figure 9).
Oxygen isotope compositions are given in the standard [delta]-notation and expressed relative to SMOW (Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water) in permil ([per thousand]).
Number Sample number Mineral 1 CFG-Zk1402-B88 Calcite 2 CFG-Zk1402-B96 Calcite 3 CFG-Zk801-B20 Calcite [sup.13] [delta][sup.18] Number [C.sub.(PDB)] [O.sub.(SMOW)] 1 0.4 8.3 2 -1.5 6.8 3 -1.6 7.4 Table 4: Sulphur isotopic composition of the Changfagou deposit.
SMOW was adopted as the standard, with a precision of [+ or -]2 [per thousand] for [delta]D and [+ or -]0.2 [per thousand] for [delta][sup.18]O.
Based on the [delta][sup.18]O values and measured [T.sub.h] temperatures, the isotopic signature of the parent fluid ranges from 5.57[per thousand] to 11.96[per thousand] (SMOW).