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SMP3Science & Mathematics Preservice Partnership Program (California State University, Fresno)
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The researchers first tested the SMP3 combination in mouse embryonic fibroblasts, which then quickly displayed melanocytic markers.
The melting points were determined in open capillaries on electrothermal stuart SMP3 advanced melting point apparatus; IR spectra were obtained from a KBr matrix (4000-400 [cm.sup.-1]) using a Perkin-Elmer, Spectrum 100, FT-IR spectrometer.
The enzyme Smp3 catalyses the addition of a fourth mannose residue ([alpha]1,2-linked) to Man-3 of the glycan core, being an essential step in yeast and Candida cells, as it is required for subsequent attachment of phosphoethanolamine [116, 117].
Melting points were recorded on a Stuart Scientific Apparatus SMP3 (UK) in open capillary tubes.
The samples were taken in capillary tubes and melting points were measured by an electrochemical melting point apparatus Stuart SMP3 and are uncorrected.
All melting points are uncorrected and were determined using Stuart[R] melting point apparatus SMP3. IR spectra were recorded in KBr discs using FTIR spectrometer (Shimadzu 8201 PC).
A contact printing robot (PixSys 5500; Cartesian Technologies) with a stealth microspotting pin (Model SMP3; TeleChem International) was used to print the protein chips on the aldehyde-activated slides.