SMPDSpolecnost Moravskych Parkovych Drah (Czech: Moravian Park Railways Company)
SMPDSanta Monica Police Department (Santa Monica, California)
SMPDSt. Marys Police Department (St.Mary's, GA)
SMPDSc2gears Mouse Print Data (computer file format)
SMPDSchool of Multimedia, Publishing and Design (India)
SMPDSan Mateo Police Department (San Mateo, CA)
SMPDSingle Module Photo Detector
SMPDSurface Mount Product Development (Universal Instruments Corporation; Milpitas, CA)
SMPDSistema Mundial de Proceso de Datos (Spanish: Global Data Processing System)
SMPDSurface Missile Processing Description
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Standard stock solutions of SP, STZ, SMZ, SDMX, SMX, SMPD, SMR, and TMP were prepared in acetonitrile at 1000 [micro] g x m[L.sup.-1], stored in 10 mL bottles, and kept at -20[degrees]C.
Analytes SP, SMR, and TMP had satisfactory recovery values (between 79.5 and 103.6%), SMZ and SMPD showed intermediate recoveries (between 64.6 and 80.0), and STZ, SDMX and SMX exhibit lower recovery values (between 38.4 and 52.9) (Table 2).
A multiresidue method for determination of sulfonamides STZ, SMX, SMR, SMPD, SDMX, SP, and SMZ and trimethoprim (TMP) in tilapia fillet was developed and validated.
Neutral and acid SMPD is reported to be elevated in adipose tissue of obese rodents, possibly through a TNF-[alpha]-regulated mechanism [49].
"The Planet82 SMPD image sensor will change how professional and amateur photographers and videographers capture images and video," said Dr.
The Planet82 SMPD image sensor is designed to perceive light using only a handful of photons.