SMPESociety of Motion Picture Engineers (now Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)
SMPESulmo Mihi Patria Est (Latin: Sulmona Is My Birthplace; Ovid quote)
SMPESecurity and Multimodality in Pervasive Environments (International Symposium)
SMPESchool of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (Alberta, Canada)
SMPESystem Modification Program Extended (IBM)
SMPESociété de Montage de Pièces Electriques (Society for Mounting Electronic Pieces; Genas, France)
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The SMPE project promotes the use of information technology to gather and transmit data images via GIS Remote Sensing and to set up situations or displays via visualizations or simulations.
This SMPE project involves 200 middle school students and 20 teachers per year from urban and rural settings for a total of 600 middle school students and 60 teachers over the length of the three-year grant.
6 million of deferred revenues for the recovery of costs relating to this pipeline segment, pursuant to the treatment of the SMPE in NW Natural's Oregon general rate case.