SMPGSecurities Market Practice Group
SMPGSalaire Mensuel Professionnel Garanti (French: Guaranteed Professional Monthly Salary)
SMPGSeat Miles Per Gallon
SMPGStandard Memory Product Group
SMPGSelf-Measured Plasma Glucose
SMPGStanford Medical Pion Generator (radiology)
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The exclusion criteria were as follows: age < 18 years, HbA1c < 7.0% or >10% at screening, diabetes other than T2DM, or <6 mo on basal insulin treatment together with OADs and SMPG. Patients who had taken a stable dose of OAD background therapy for 3 mo were eligible to enroll, except for those who had taken SUs, which were prohibited within 2 mo before the screening visit and during participation in the study.
The authors evaluated the changes in glycemic control (HbA1c, FPG, and SMPG); basal insulin dose from BL to the end of the 12 mo treatment; changes in body weight, status, title, and cross-reactivity with human insulin of anti-insulin antibodies (AIAs); and AEs.
The authors evaluated the change from BL to month 12 in HbA1c, FPG, prebreakfast SMPG, 8-point SMPG profiles, and basal insulin dose.
ISO 15197:2003 [21] demands that all glucometers for SMPG adhere to the following guidelines: >95% of blood glucose (BG) results should fall within [+ or -] 15mg/dL (0.83 mmol/L) of the reference method at BG concentrations <75mg/dL (4.2 mmol/L) and within [+ or -]20% at BG concentrations [greater than or equal to] 75 mg/dL (4.2 mmol/L).
SMPG is clearly associated with improved HbA1C concentrations in persons with type 1 diabetes and insulintreated type 2 diabetes.
Some papers keep using the abbreviation SMBG even though several glucometer systems are estimating the glucose concentration in plasma and the abbreviation SMPG appears to be more appropriate.
The culmination of the SMPG project was a national meeting of ITBC in Rapid City, S.D., Aug.
For more information on the SMPG program, visit:
SMPG, which has members in Huddersfield and Halifax, formed three-and-a-half years ago at the end of an NHS pain management course.
SMPG last year received PS104 from the Examiner Wish fund, which partly paid for a trip to YORK.
"We're all on the same level and we can have a moan and groan; it's great!" And it isn't just people with chronic pain who benefit from SMPG, carers and relatives also do.