SMPPShort Message Peer-to-Peer (protocol)
SMPPSensory Motor Performance Program (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
SMPPSubject Matter Preparation Program
SMPPStandard Model of Particle Physics
SMPPSenior Medicare Patrol Project
SMPPSecure Military Power Plant
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Daily News Egypt previously reported in August 2015 that SMPP repealed their agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) regarding a loan of $15m in order to receive it from the Arab African International Bank (AAIB) in Egyptian pounds rather than US dollars so as to avoid the financial burdens of dollar loans that follow the expected rise in the dollar against the pound.
m-script interoperates with third-party WAP and web servers and supports cellular networks within the UK and most common SMSC platforms around the world, including SMSC 2000 and SMPP.
The group's mission is to serve as a vendor-neutral, cross-technology technical authority to define and develop SMPP for all geographies, and to establish a framework for SMPP protocol validation with the aim of having the protocol adopted as an international standard.
Building on T-Mobile's current SMTP and TAP messaging offers, this new IP-based solution includes support for the SNPP, WCTP and SMPP protocols.
Our HTTP and SMPP API is very easy to implement and is based on industry standards.
SMPP resorted to the AAIB loan as an alternative to another, previously agreed upon, loan of $15m from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), according to SMPP sources.
According to the company, the upgrade to Jersey Telecom's installation includes the addition of SMPP V3.
Unlike many other mobile marketing providers that service smaller carriers via one-way SMTP connections, Cellit connects to all carriers via the SMPP protocol.
Teli has now released additional support for XMPP, and SMPP connections.
In addition to SMPP in the new version of SMS platform support of HTTP protocol is implemented.
Depending on your application requirements and infrastructure, DirectTEXT offers a broad selection of APIs such as XML over HTTP or SMPP, so your business can create a solution that ranges in flexibility and scalability when communicating with your customers.