SMPRSocial Media Press Release
SMPRSeksueel Misbruik in Pastorale Relaties (Dutch: Sexual Abuse in Pastoral Relationships; Netherlands)
SMPRSenior Management Program Review
SMPRSemi-Monthly Progress Report
SMPRSubcontractor Management Procedure
SMPRSupply & Maintenance Plan & Report
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Selection to develop SMPR was at twice normal plant density with 136 kg [ha.sup.-1] (300 lb [acre.sup.-1]) of actual nitrogen at 44[degrees] N lat.
Quantity or scope: The premises involved in the redevelopment and expansion of the health unit of the Prison of Ducos are: current -Premise the Consultation Unit and Ambulatory Care (UCSA) on the ground floor, with a floor space of 250 square meters-about current premises of the Regional Medical and Psychiatric Service (smpr), located above the (UCSA level R + 1), with a floor space of 280 meters square about more combles.-Premises of old kitchens on the ground floor, the effective area is estimated at 300 square meters, plus roof-terrasse.
The premises concerned by the project are: of the current -Premise Consultations Unit and Ambulatory Care (UCSA) the ground floor of a floor space of 250 square meters -Premise current Service Regional Psychiatric Medicine (smpr), located above the (UCSA level R + 1), with a floor space of 280 square meters about, plus attic.
Tenders are invited for Gadj, Smpr, Nmk And Nnl Stations: Electrical Work In C/W Provision Of Extension Of Covered Shed.
- Provision of extension of covered shed at SMPR, NMK, NNL & providing FOB at BDHL, KACA and NIP