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SMPSSociety for Marketing Professional Services
SMPSSwitched Mode Power Supply
SMPSScanning Mobility Particle Sizer (particle physics)
SMPSSwitching Mode Power Supply
SMPSSporting Municipal de Petite-Synthe (French: Petite-Synthe Municipal Sporting; football club)
SMPSService Municipal de Prévention et de Sécurité (French: Municipal Service of Prevention and Safety)
SMPSSchool of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Australia)
SMPSSection Militaire de Parachutisme Sportif (French: Military Section Sport Parachuting; various locations)
SMPSSt. Mary Parish School (Derby, KS)
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The billing price for each SMPS is as per the price list and SPC billing will not be considered.
A year ago there were just a handful of us; now almost every major design firm in the state has hired someone to market for them full-time" says Marianne Cook, marketing manager of Chen-Northern and the 1991-92 president of SMPS of Utah.
SMPS offers many benefits and services for its members such as a national marketing and management conference, national seminars and workshops, awards programs, publications, and educational resources to highlight the latest trends and best practices in marketing and business development in the design and construction industries.
The SMPS Foundation is the principal nonprofit organization that identifies, researches, and educates the design and construction industry on emerging trends and issues in marketing and business development.
A Certified Professional Services Marketer, she has taught several leadership workshops at SMPS national and regional conferences and has served as a judge for the organization's Marketing Communications Awards.
Our goal this year is to engage our membership, recruit new members with compelling programs, and provide huge value for all involved with SMPS Tampa Bay," said incoming president, Jessica Ciccarelli, at the Strategic Planning session.
Obviously, these are not the best of times," says Patricia Neumann, president and CEO of AccuCost, and SMPS New York Chapter president.
Board Comes With Software and Hands-On Exercises to Help Designers Quickly Evaluate and Develop Digital SMPS and Other Power-Conversion Products
com)-- SV released their new application note for their SMP, SMPM & SMPS connector series.
The new IRFB/S/SL3206, 3306, 3207Z and 3307Z families of MOSFETs offer superior synchronous rectification performance through improved on-resistance in AC-DC SMPS applications, and also improve power density by lowering on-resistance up to 10% compared to the previous industry standards.
com)-- SMPS is the next generation in miniature connectors under SV Microwave's RFfortless[R].
Firm principals accompanied by an SMPS member receive reduced admission.