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SMPSSociety for Marketing Professional Services
SMPSSwitched Mode Power Supply
SMPSScanning Mobility Particle Sizer (particle physics)
SMPSSwitching Mode Power Supply
SMPSSporting Municipal de Petite-Synthe (French: Petite-Synthe Municipal Sporting; football club)
SMPSService Municipal de Prévention et de Sécurité (French: Municipal Service of Prevention and Safety)
SMPSSchool of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Australia)
SMPSSection Militaire de Parachutisme Sportif (French: Military Section Sport Parachuting; various locations)
SMPSSt. Mary Parish School (Derby, KS)
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I doubt there are any high-school students, and very few college students, who are aware of the profession, let alone who aspire to be involved," says Stephanie Craft, marketing coordinator for Eckhoff, Watson and Praetor Engineers and founding member of SMPS of Utah.
Diana Soldano is a well-respected member of the SMPS community.
The SMPS Foundation is the principal nonprofit organization that identifies, researches, and educates the design and construction industry on emerging trends and issues in marketing and business development.
The event's success led to a 2006 National First Place Award for Outstanding Education Program from SMPS.
The SMPS is excited about the opportunity to work with RedVector.
SMPS is a national organization dedicated to providing education, information and support to marketing and business development professionals in the built and natural environment.
Tenders are invited for procurement of various configuration of SMPS Power Plants & Lightening Surge Protection Unit (LSPs) for use in Gujarat Telecom Circle
Among the events and programs scheduled by SMPS area panel on healthcare coming up on October 21, as well as a tour of the Jacob Burns Medical Center, a panel on transportation anda professional development seminar.
Seminar Demonstrates Performance Advantage of SMPS IGBT
Obviously, these are not the best of times," says Patricia Neumann, president and CEO of AccuCost, and SMPS New York Chapter president.
The advanced SMPS 600-Volt (V) IGBT family is the first to offer high frequency offline power conversion for applications of 100 kilohertz (kHz) and greater.