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SMPTSchool of Mathematics, Physics and Technology (College of the Bahamas)
SMPTSchool of Military Packaging Technology
SMPTSimultaneous MAC Packet Transmission
SMPTSociety for Mormon Philosophy and Theology
SMPTShuttle Main Propulsion Test
SMPTSouthern Maine Physical Therapy (Westbrook, ME)
SMPTSub-Micron Polishing Technology (Sagitta Ltd.)
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Rambler Anti Virus Service--British Worm Suspect Seized by Scotland Yard and FBI-"Cuervo" Stealth Worm with Perfected Spreading Technology--New CodeRed Mod Carries Trojan in Pocket-Cede Red Antidote from Kaspersky--Beta release of Anti Virus for SMPT gateways-Enhanced AssureAccess-Online Bootleg Software Scam--Check Point New User Centre--LANguard Network Scanner Free--MySQL.
Open source advocate Eric Raymond called this "nothing less than trying to subvert the entire 'commodity network and server' infrastructure (featuring TCP/IP, SMPT, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, NFS and other open standards) into.
CPC-600 Caption Maker, adds closed captioning & subtitling to videos CPC-700 Caption Maker Plus, works w/ SMPT
SMPT (Societe des Matieres Premieres Tropicales) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Michelin.