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SMPTSchool of Military Packaging Technology
SMPTSimultaneous MAC Packet Transmission
SMPTSociety for Mormon Philosophy and Theology
SMPTShuttle Main Propulsion Test
SMPTSouthern Maine Physical Therapy (Westbrook, ME)
SMPTSub-Micron Polishing Technology (Sagitta Ltd.)
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Rambler Anti Virus Service--British Worm Suspect Seized by Scotland Yard and FBI-"Cuervo" Stealth Worm with Perfected Spreading Technology--New CodeRed Mod Carries Trojan in Pocket-Cede Red Antidote from Kaspersky--Beta release of Anti Virus for SMPT gateways-Enhanced AssureAccess-Online Bootleg Software Scam--Check Point New User Centre--LANguard Network Scanner Free--MySQL.
Open source advocate Eric Raymond called this "nothing less than trying to subvert the entire 'commodity network and server' infrastructure (featuring TCP/IP, SMPT, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, NFS and other open standards) into.
CPC-600 Caption Maker, adds closed captioning & subtitling to videos CPC-700 Caption Maker Plus, works w/ SMPT
SMPT (Societe des Matieres Premieres Tropicales) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Michelin.