SMQSociété des Musées Québécois (French: Quebec Museum Society; Canada)
SMQSystème de Management de La Qualité (French: Quality Management System)
SMQSplit Matrix Quantization
SMQString Missing Quote
SMQSunday Morning Quarterback
SMQSanté Mentale au Québec (French: Mental Health in Quebec; Canada)
SMQSimple Message Queues (computing)
SMQSocial Marketing Quarterly (journal)
SMQScale of Market Quakes (economics)
SMQStandardised MedDRA Query
SMQSurface Mount Quality (DKL Metals Ltd E-Qual)
SMQSystem of Management of Quality
SMQStatement of Minimum Qualification
SMQSouth Mid-Quads (Northwestern University; Chicago, IL)
SMQSpecial Maintenance Qualification (US Navy)
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The result of more than seven years of research and development, the TargetRx 2007 SMQ Analysis offers a paradigm by which companies can measure, monitor and manage the critical components that drive effective sales and marketing that can result in improved market performance.
Unique to SMQ will be a regular Kid's Corner section that documents the challenges and triumphs of the newest generation of modelers in their own words.
The TargetRx 2007 SMQ Analysis measures quality, not quantity, to reveal opportunities for pharmaceutical executives to rethink how their sales forces are engaging with physicians.
I will do this while maintaining the principles that form the foundation of SMQ, which is to provide a mutually beneficial outlet for academicians and practitioners to disseminate the latest research impacting the field of sport marketing.
The recent SMQ special issue on pricing serves as an exceptional example of prompting research and scholarship in a critical need area.
SMQ has established itself as a leading journal in the area of sport marketing.
I trust incoming editor Daniel Funk will continue to build the reputation of SMQ, and extend the international reach due to his considerable proficiency in this area.
As a pioneering venture, SMQ represented the first step in recognizing that sport marketing needed its own specialized literature (Pitts & Mahony, 1997).
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis examining the first 20 years of SMQ.
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of SMQ, and with the intent to provide direction for the future, we invite you to ponder your own answers to the following questions, and plan to join in the dialogue as SMQ seeks to reach our next milestone.
With such an impressive compilation of work from our guest editors and contributors, the value of an SMQ special issue focusing on contemporary challenges has come to light.
Most SMQ readers would recognize sponsorship and consumer motives as two of the most often studied constructs, yet each of these pieces offer new insights due to the relationships considered.