SMRAStone & McCarthy Research Associates
SMRAStepwise Multiple-Regression Analysis
SMRASimultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (auctions)
SMRASenior Market Research Analyst (professional title)
SMRASoutheast Mud Racing Association (Orlando, FL)
SMRAStereotactic Magnetic Resonance Angiography (medical imaging)
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J.Saule thanked the Deputy Director of SMRA Qin Yizhi for his contribution to the development of bilateral relations and cooperation.
Speaking to reporters after receiving Aqsiq Vice-Minister Chen Gang at Wisma Tani here today, Ahmad Shabery said the cooperation between the two countries would continue to ensure local agricultural products could penetrate China's market although the republic was currently undergoing a standards reformation process via the formation of the SMRA.
It was rescued in 1985 by the founders of SMRA and has carried on successfully ever since.
Second and final phase will involve simultaneous multiple round ascending (SMRA) auction to determine the winner of spectrum.
We discovered a text with title sangs rgyas 'khol gyi nyis khri'i man ngag and 'phags pa de 'dun phal chen pa'i 'jig rten las 'das par smra ba'i 'dul ba (1 vol.
The Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis (SMRA) (Prog Reg procedure; SAS Institute 1999) was used to examine which of the soil properties accounted for most variation in each site.
4 May 2011 -- PEFINDO maintained the idA rating, with a "stable" outlook, on Indonesian property management firm PT Summarecon Agung Tbk (JAK:SMRA), or SMRA, citing its strong position in the property sector, among other factors.
The simultaneous multiple round auction (SMRA) was one of the 1994 innovations that helped launch the field of market design.
Mahdi al-Amer, Abed Awad and Faouzi Daraghma, lived in Wadi Smra with their families for the post 10 years.
The values in parentheses are the standard errors of the allometric intercept and the allometric exponent estimates (hereafter SMRa and SMRb, respectively).