SMRAStone & McCarthy Research Associates
SMRAStepwise Multiple-Regression Analysis
SMRASimultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (auctions)
SMRASenior Market Research Analyst (professional title)
SMRASoutheast Mud Racing Association (Orlando, FL)
sMRAStereotactic Magnetic Resonance Angiography (medical imaging)
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It was rescued in 1985 by the founders of SMRA and has carried on successfully ever since.
The assignment auction, which in its simplest form aims to replicate and improve the results of an SMRA but with a sealed bid auction, is described by Milgrom (2009a, 2009b).
Other SMRAs used in rubber molding include solutions and suspensions based on soaps, mica, talc, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and even carbon black.
UxC's SMRA report aims to fill a clear information gap in the developing SMR marketplace and is believed to be the first ever global comparative analysis of the competing SMR designs.
Some of recent auctions conducted in various countries were all SMRA based auctions.
In view of the uncertainty in the global economy and low interest rate environment, the Government has decided to further extend the 4% floor rate for interest earned on all SMRA monies for another year until 31 December 2014.
The emendation is made in view of the Tibetan bu la yang mu tig gi do shal cig [S: zhig] byin nas smras pa ("Having also given her son a string of pearls, she said [.
An ideal SPMRA overcomes almost all of the disadvantages associated with IMRAs and SMRAs.
mdo sna tshogs, thu 308b1-4: lha'i bus smras pal blo gros brtan pa dpa' bar 'gro ha 'i ting nge 'dzin bshad pa 'di nyid glegs ham du bris nas gang dag gi lag it, song bar gyur sems can de dag kyang lha dung bcas pa 'i 'jig rten gyis phyug bya ba yin no.
SS Office, SmraS Office, Crew Controller Office, TteaS Office, VIP Lounge, PRS, Ticket Booking Office, RPF Office, Platform Number.
dge slong zhig dus las (3) 'das pa'i lining bzed (6) dang chos gos 'di lags kyis snoms shig ces smras pa dang / de dag gis smras pa I khyim bdag 'di ni bcom ldan 'das kyis ma gnang bas dge slong dbang ngo / de Itar gyur ba dge slong ma dag gis dge slong dag la smras so / dge slong dag gis beam Idan 'das la gsol pa dang I bcom Idan 'das kyis gang na dge slong med pa de dag tu ni dge slong ma dag gis (7) blang bar bya ste I de la the tshom (8) ma byed cig ces bka' stsal to /
Although Dutt prints ukta, the gerund is confirmed by the Tibetan translation as well (Derge Kanjur 1, 'dul ba, ga 59a6-7): 'on te bu mo yin na ni khyod nyid kyi yin no zhes smras nas.