SMRBSimmons Market Research Bureau (New York, New York)
SMRBSenior Material Review Board
SMRBSulfate-and Metal-Reducing Bacteria
SMRBStaffing Metrics Report Builder (human resources)
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60) which corresponds to 1 when the SMRB occurs, which reveals the hands out and behind the elbows; the head and shoulders are above the water line, close to the gluteus and well below the heel; its stability is reasonable.
Indeed, young adults are less likely to read every page of the newspaper (51%) than are total adults (57%), according to a comparative study on page opening by SMRB.
Despite the use of personal interviews by both SMRB and MRI, the audience estimates show consistent differences due to the actual readership questions asked.
The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) officially opposed the merger around the time of the SMRB working group's first meeting last April.
Table 7 shows the results for magazine studies in New Zealand on AGB data, two SMRB magazine data studies, and one SMRB television study.
For example, a grocer who knows he serves an area with many families or senior citizens can use the SMRB numbers to decide which products deserve added facings.
To understand how your customers compare to consumers in general, it is necessary to understand how to read the SMRB tables.
The Relationship of Screen-In Rates and Readership Levels in MRI and SMRB.
This Guide to Product Usage, based on SMRB data, can be helpful.
Based on SMRB data, the product categories selected had usage rates of at least 65 percent for all age groups included in the study.
The data from SMRB (Simmons Market Research Bureau) on product usage that appear on the following pages pinpoint who the prime users are for the wide assortment of products you sell.