SMRDSurface Mining and Reclamation Division (Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality)
SMRDShore Manpower Requirements Determination
SMRDSpin-Motor Rotation Detector
SMRDSuppression of Mite Reproduction (bees)
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As chairman of Bayan SMRD Foundation, I'm now helping much more than a couple.
Contractor address : - Agence du Champs sur Marne : SMRD et BARD SAS Lot 02 - Agence de Montigny : EGPPB et ERI Lot 03 - Agence de Yerres : ACORUS et BARD SAS Lot 04 - Agence de Massy : ACORUS et BARD SAS Lot 05 - Agence de Gentilly : ACORUS et SAGA Lot 06 - Agence la Plaine