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In addition to detailing of beams as in above, in the design of beams in SMRF it is also ensured that the positive steel at support is at least half the negative steel provided at that support or joint.
In addition to design and detailing of main reinforcement in columns, confinement steel as required by IS: 13920-1993 (12,13) is calculated and provided the same over the required length at ends of column in SMRF.
Additionally, data for individual SMRF States are presented within their respective regions in Figures 10 and 11.
Among SMRF States and census regions, there were major variations in payments per recipient and prescriptions per recipient for CNS drugs.
The authors wish to thank Harold Cooper and Celia Dahlman for their work in developing the software that was used to tabulate SMRF prescription drug claim records by therapeutic category and group.
Like their power industry counterparts, the SMRF 2007s are equipped with a proprietary housing so the inductor can be mounted vertically, saving circuit board space.
To increase the robustness of the Medicaid estimates, we analyzed four States from SMRF (1993 data from Michigan, New Jersey, and Washington, and 1994 data from Pennsylvania).
Figure 7 presents Medicaid prescription drug payments for the SMRF States, by therapeutic category.
Data from the 29 SMRF States were examined to estimate the impact of managed care on the findings reported here.
The data presented in this article are for calendar year 1992, the most current year SMRF data were available at the time this study was designed.
The SMRF person summary file was used to identify the study population.
The following analytic measures of Medicaid utilization and payments were obtained from the California 1992 SMRF inpatient hospital discharge file for children under 21 years of age: the total number of Medicaid inpatient hospital discharges; the total number of Medicaid inpatient hospital days of care, as measured by the number of days from the date of admission to the date of discharge; the total dollar amount of Medicaid payments for inpatient hospital care; discharges per 100,000 enrollees; days of care per 100,000 enrollees; and Medicaid payments per discharge.