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SMRPSimple Multicast Routing Protocol
SMRPSociety for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
SMRPSaw Mill River Parkway (highway; Westchester, NY)
SMRPSatellite and Mesometeorology Research Project (est. 1964)
SMRPSoluble Mesothelin-Relation Protein
SMRPSociety for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (St. Louis, MO)
SMRPSuggested Manufacturer Retail Price
SMRPSupplemental Medical Reimbursement Plan
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As shown in Table 3 by the AUC values, the best markers were IL6 and pOPN, or SMRP and pOPN.
The results were statistically processed and validity of serum SMRP level measurement was analyzed with respect to the diagnosis of MM.
Current metrics from SMRP give standardized guidance on how to measure key performance indicators; the new additions show how to effectively apply the metrics and to identify "what good looks like."
Pricing begins at SMRP $10,299 USD for professional licenses and each comes standard with a copy of Media Composer 6 software.
The government's Women's Secretariat (SMRP) ran one shelter in Asuncion for female trafficking victims; the shelter did not detain adult victims involuntarily, and during the year it assisted 38 victims.
The grants are being made through the Sustainable Materials Recovery Program (SMRP), which was created under the Green Communities Act.
SMRP and HE4 as biomarkers for ovarian carcinoma when used alone and in combination with CA125 and/or each other.
SMRP Paper 218, Department of Meteorology, University of Chicago, Chicago, 218 pp.
The Center's first project, the Supervised Misdemeanor Release Program (SMRP), was initiated in 1987 and developed out of its partnership with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department.
'The idea is to increase the uptake of milk in schools mainly among five to 11-year-olds,' said Diane Cannon, from SMRP.
"How to develop and implement multiskilled training," Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference of the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals, SMRP, Knoxville, Tennessee, LISA, 2000.
Definition 33 (Structural Memory Reuse Problem (SMRP)).