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SMRTSingapore Mass Rapid Transit
SMRTSilencing Mediator for Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors
SMRTSection for Magnetic Resonance Technologists
SMRTSampling Modeling and Research Technology
SMRTSingle Message-Unit Rate Timing
SMRTState Medical Response Team
SMRTSurface-Mount and Reflow Technology (engineering)
SMRTSubmucosal Resection of the Turbinate (nasal procedure)
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SMRT Chief Corporate Officer, Mr Gerard Koh, said: We regularly review the work attires of our staff, making necessary improvements to material or fit to ensure that they continue to meet the needs for staff deployed at stations, aboard trains, as well as in depots and across the network.
In conjunction, Novogene will announce the purchase of the PacBio Sequel systems at its workshop, Latest NGS Applications in Agricultural Research, at the Plant and Animal Genome XXV Conference in San Diego to discuss how SMRT technology and other cutting edge sequencing technologies help improve the results of de novo assemblies for a variety of species.
The Singapore's SMRT Corporation that was perhaps the first to show interest in the project has decided to go slow.
At a press briefing, Desmond Kuek, chief executive of SMRT apologized for Tuesday evening's disruption which may have affected an estimated 250,000 commuters.
Eichler explained, the characteristics of the data produced by SMRT Sequencing technology differ substantially from other sequencing platforms.
The news comes in the wake of an unsourced Saturday report by Sky News, which said that SMRT was pondering a GBP800m (USD1.
Rather than simply using a standard contract with a modification for IPD or other existing options, the group decided to craft its own, which led to its first team-building exercise, "We were fairly new to the construct and therefore invented it together," says Ellen Belknap, president of SMRT.
SMRT still has to evaluate the feasibility," David told Inquirer in an interview, noting that their last meeting with SMRT was held last week, "we might not be able to submit our bid without an extension.
They found aged cells accumulate more SMRT and wanted to see if SMRT increases the damaging effects of oxidative stress on mitochondria, the cell component that converts food and oxygen into energy and powers metabolic activities.
Ms Teo Chew Hoon, Managing Director, SMRT Investments Pte Ltd, said, "SMRT Media is proud to partner MDA to promote this first cross-national subway drama series.
The SMRT technique "is really what it will take to bring the cost of sequencing the human genome down to $1,000 and perhaps below," said Stephan Schuster, a Pennsylvania State University geneticist.