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SMRTSingapore Mass Rapid Transit
SMRTSilencing Mediator for Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors
SMRTSection for Magnetic Resonance Technologists
SMRTSampling Modeling and Research Technology
SMRTSingle Message-Unit Rate Timing
SMRTState Medical Response Team
SMRTSurface-Mount and Reflow Technology (engineering)
SMRTSubmucosal Resection of the Turbinate (nasal procedure)
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We believe that SMRT Mouth is the answer to detecting dehydration in athletes before any negative side effects show.
The Singapore's SMRT Corporation that was perhaps the first to show interest in the project has decided to go slow.
At a press briefing, Desmond Kuek, chief executive of SMRT apologized for Tuesday evening's disruption which may have affected an estimated 250,000 commuters.
As opposed to simple thumbnails, the SMRT automatically monitors underlying webpages and color-codes the specific icon to represent a device status change (yellow), a lost connection (black) or a device alarm condition (red).
They found aged cells accumulate more SMRT and wanted to see if SMRT increases the damaging effects of oxidative stress on mitochondria, the cell component that converts food and oxygen into energy and powers metabolic activities.
Added Ms Teo Chew Hoon, Managing Director, SMRT Investments Pte Ltd: "SMRT Media is proud to launch the subway drama series A StarryNight on our platforms.
Ms Teo Chew Hoon, Managing Director, SMRT Investments Pte Ltd, said, "SMRT Media is proud to partner MDA to promote this first cross-national subway drama series.
The SMRT technique "is really what it will take to bring the cost of sequencing the human genome down to $1,000 and perhaps below," said Stephan Schuster, a Pennsylvania State University geneticist.
SMRT owns a total of 106 trains, including those manufactured by the Kawasaki-Nippon Sharyo consortium.
Paul Stevens, NCARB, AIA is President of SMRT, an architectural and engineering firm in Portland, Maine and Sarasota, Florida.
The SMRT Funds use a combination of active and passive investments while the SIRT Funds use primarily passive investment strategies.
A fifth driver has been arrested and will be charged in addition to four others who have been brought to court for allegedly instigating the November 26-27 work stoppage at state-linked transport firm SMRT.