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SMSASydney Mechanics' School of Arts (Australia)
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMSASchool Meals Supervisory Assistant (UK)
SMSANational Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
SMSASouthern Maryland Sailing Association
SMSASeabee Memorial Scholarship Association
SMSASheffield Malaysian Students Association (UK)
SMSASmoky Mountain Soaring Association (aviation)
SMSASuomen Murteiden Sana-Arkisto (Finnish)
SMSASingapore Malaysian Student Association
SMSAStittsville Minor Softball Association (Canada)
SMSASeaman Apprentice, Signalman Striker (Naval Rating)
SMSASurrey Masonic Sports Association (UK)
SMSASprint Metropolitan Service Area
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it]: mean per capita income in the SMSA where team i is located.
Finally, among the subsample who do not graduate from high school, females whose mothers work and individuals living in an SMSA have higher income.
5) Individuals living in an SMSA have a marginally greater probability of obtaining employment than do those not living in an SMSA, presumably because of the greater number of opportunities available to them.
Positive estimated coefficients on CHANGE SMSA and TO RURAL support the notion that potential migrants are favorably self-selected.
During the 6 months preceding the survey, family physician respondents reported treating a total of 1704 patients for AIDS or ARC in the San Francisco SMSA, 593 in Los Angeles County, 721 in other SMSA counties, and 96 in non-SMSA counties (Table 1).
i] is a disturbance specific to SMSA i that persists throughout the sample period, [u.
As is the case in the existing literature testing the alternative models at the industry level, the existing evidence at the SMSA level comes from cross-sectional regressions.
First, the SMSA is an appropriate unit of analysis to proxy the local marriage market - as those using undifferenced SMSA data have stressed (Lichter, LeClere, and McLaughlin 1991).
Rural is defined as a practice location not within an SMSA area.
This number increased between 1961 and 1983, and in many areas additional countries were added to the definition of an existing SMSA.
Cincinnati SMSA provides wireless communications in central and southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky, while Cincinnati SMSA Tower Holdings is a cellular tower holding company for Cincinnati SMSA.
The SMSA will analyze traffic collisions, identify contributing factors or patterns, recommend improvements, develop cost estimates, and prioritization for improvements.