SMSEServer Management Suite Enterprise (Microsoft)
SMSESmall and Medium-Scale Enterprises
SMSEShort Message Service Engine
SMSESuper Multiple Simulation Exercise
SMSESecurity Management System Enterprise (US State Department)
SMSESpherical Mean Square Error
SMSEStandardized Mean Squared Error
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In this paper, we propose a joint linear transceiver design to determine BS transmitter, relay precoders, and user receivers from SMSE minimization criterion under relay sum power constraint (RSPC) and per relay power constraint (PRPC).
The optimization problem to determine a desirable BS transmitter and relay precoders with SMSE minimization criterion is formulated as follows.
Its iteration continues until the SMSE value finally converges.
To develop algorithms for efficiently solving T, W, and R under RSPC, we apply SMSE duality by an SRMU network [20], which is illustrated in Fig.
SMSE duality provides the rule how to determine J, relay precoder M, and user transmitters P in dual uplink from given T, W, and R in downlink, in order for that tr [[E.
In 1997 alone, Chile respectively imported R16,2 million and R805 000 worth of SMSE and Non-Sensitive Equipment (NSE) (NSE includes all support equipment utilised in the direct support of combat operations and that has no inherent capability to kill or destroy, for instance, meteorological stations, radio equipment and radars).
To solve joint BS transmitter and relay precoder design problem for SMSE minimization, we can formulate the following optimization problem.
Thus the 1st term [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in (15) implies SMSE at all relays.
SMSE duality is used for the 2nd hop channel in the 1st stage to jointly determine T and F in a smarter way.
The covariance matrix for SMSE in the dual uplink is defined as follows.
SMSE duality provides the rule on how to determine K and P from given F and R, respectively, with constraint on tr[[E.
Exempt SMSEs from the legal minimum wage requirement.