SMSFSelf Managed Super Funds (investing)
SMSFSelf Managed Superannuation Fund
SMSFSan Marino Schools Foundation (est. 1980; San Marino, CA)
SMSFSoftware Maintenance Support Facility
SMSFStrategic Mission Support Force
SMSFSkidaway Marine Science Foundation (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography; Savannah, GA)
SMSFSavoy Mountain State Forest (Florida, MA)
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Figure 3 illustrates CSF and SMSF features for RADARSAT-2 sample datasets, which are selected with large within-class variation as possible.
O SMSF passou por radicais mudancas politicas desde que o entao presidente, Carlos Henrique Perrut, foi afastado, em novembro de 2004, por suspeita de desvio de verba.
The regulation of SMSFs has been transferred from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority to the Superannuation Branch of the Australian Taxation Office.
The group is required to form a trust, open a bank account and register the SMSF with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the regulatory body that enforces SMSF rules and regulations, collects taxes and ensures SMSF compliance.
For hundreds of thousands of Australians, SMSF scheme makes perfect sense.
David Saul, Director of Saul CA, an accounting firm specialising in SMSF auditing, says this emphasises the importance of engaging specialist SMSF auditors who audit super funds at arm's length and ensure compliance.
ASIC Commissioner John Price said, 'SMSF auditors are fundamentally important in promoting confidence in the SMSF sector.
com)-- David Saul, Director of Saul CA, an independent accounting and auditing firm specializing in Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) has been named among the top 30 professionals in the SMSF audit space.
We have also updated Information Sheet 216 AFS licensing requirements for accountants who provide SMSF services (INFO 216) to reflect the amended instrument.
In addition to offering an in-house SMSF administration and technical service, netwealth is focused on working with dealer groups and accountants to assist them in providing efficient SMSF services to their clients.
However, changes to the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 (SIS) on 24 September 2007 now means that a self managed super fund in Australia can borrow funds to invest in direct property and the mortgage brokers at Intellichoice are available to assist clients with a SMSF home loan.