SMSGSms Gateway
SMSGSchool Mathematics Study Group (think tank)
SMSGSales, Marketing and Services Group (Microsoft)
SMSGSchweizerische Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society; Switzerland)
SMSGStrategic Material Sourcing Group (US DoD)
SMSGSoftware Maintenance Study Group (est. 1990; Japan)
SMSGSquamous Metaplasia of Sebaceous Gland (pathology)
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Partnering with SMSG has allowed EN Engineering to focus on our core business while SMSG handles the details.
Much of the new materials made available by NCTM and the SMSG were abstract and lacked basic skills (Latterell, 2005).
Begle, (March 1973), "Some Lessons Learned by SMSG," Mathematics Teacher 66: 207-214.
A forum attendee, Andrew Snoey, Group Manager of Planning, Process and Quality SMSG Readiness for Microsoft stated, "The 2010 GP Customer Forum was a great opportunity to hear industry experts and other companies address our common issues - how to do more with less money, how to keep learners engaged in our content, and how to shift our traditional development models to meet tomorrow's workplace culture.
The SMSG helps to facilitate consultation between ESMA, its Board of Supervisors and stakeholders on ESMAs areas of responsibility and provides technical advice on its policy development.