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SMSGTSenior Master Sergeant
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The Air Force must now decide whether it will charge SMSgt Monk with the crime of making a false official statement.
Figures 2 and 3 derived from sensitivity model produced by SMSgt (Ret) Mike Wasson, AETC Studies and Analysis.
A natural leader, SMSgt Hogue was hand-picked to become the lead Financial Services Office (FSO) at Eielson Air Force Base following a complete change in leadership.
SMSgt Michelle Ogden is the SAF/FM Enlisted Training Manager.
Bentley, senior financial advisor, Air Force Materiel Command, talks with Superintendent SMSgt Karen Clay, 9th Comptroller Squadron's Budget OIC, Capt.
I am an active duty SMSgt and I would be proud to serve along side you any day.
Throughout the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the Air Staff and other Major Commands, SMSgt James is the expert on ENDURING FREEDOM/NOBLE EAGLE finance issues.
SMSgt Thomas Gillenwater, 609 ASUS/LGSF, Shaw AFB, interviewed by author, 4 November 1999.
We took the qualification gun system and perfectly fit it into the midsection of 4008 without one single envelope violation," said SMSgt.
SMSgt Cunningham's review and reporting of numerous program budget decisions were instrumental in providing financial planners sufficient time to research alternatives to pending changes.