AcronymDefinition (website)
SMSHSouth Miami Senior High (Florida)
SMSHSouth Mississippi State Hospital (Purvis, MS)
SMSHSwiss Medical Society of Hypnosis
SMSHSlaska Miedzynarodowa Szkola Handlowa (Polish: Silesia International School of Economics; Poland)
SMSHShree Maharani Shantadevi Hospital (India)
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Before joining to SMSH, he worked for CVS Pharmacy in Hattiesburg.
Triple-S financed the takeover of SMSH, which offers services to more than 40,000 members in Puerto Rico, with unrestricted cash, the company added.
Puerto Rico-based managed care firm Triple-S Management Corporation (NYSE:GTS) said today it has agreed to take over Socios Mayores en Salud Holdings, or SMSH, the parent of medicare advantage services provider American Health, for USD82m (EUR60m).