SMSRSide-Mode Suppression Ratio (lasers)
SMSRShaft Mounted Speed Reducer (machinery)
SMSRSociedad Mexicana de Seguridad Radiológica (Mexican Radiation Safety Society)
SMSRSierra Madre Search and Rescue
SMSRSingle-Mode Suppression Ratio (fiber optics)
SMSRSpecial Mouse Stocks Resource (medical technology)
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With reference to the curve in Figure 7 (c), is the curve of SMSR impact on the fault detection.
However, in large-scale WSNs with hundreds of thousands of sensors (i.e., WSNs for precision agriculture), the average length of the paths used in SMSR is relatively long as compared with that in small-scale WSNs.
Goodness of fit statistics Models [chi df [chi RMSEA SMSR CFI IFI square] square] /df Two-factor 9088.93 1079 8.42 .10 .12 .76 .76 Three-factor 4195.88 1077 3.90 .06 .08 .91 .91 Four-factor 3281.83 939 3.50 .06 .08 .92 .92 Table 2.
Female Clergy in the Medieval West, Oxford 2008 (a review of this book by me is forthcoming in SMSR).
(6.) Eduardo MBP, Sampaio JLM, Cesar MLVS, Goncalves EMN, Castilho VLP, Albuquerque SMSR, et al.
The research, commissioned by Eversheds, was conducted by SMSR Ltd, across 500 businesses throughout 10 major cities in the UK.
SMSR = Standardized Root Mean Square Residual is the average differences between the observed and estimated correlations (Byrne, 1998) and values of 0.050 and lower indicates a good model fit (Sorborm & Joreskog, 1982).
Cronback alpha .86 Inter-factor Correlation Fit Indices [X.sup.2] Degrees of freedom Standardized Root Mean Squared Residual (SMSR) .06 Goodness of Fit Index (GFI) Comparative Fit Index (CFI) Parsimony Normed Fit Index (PNFI) Scale Item (English Translation) Utilitarian Hedonic (He) He1 This shopping trip was truly a joy.
Specifically, x = n * (smsr - 1) * m, where x is the number of excess admissions, is the number of patients at a hospital, smsr is the standardized multistay ratio, and m is the geometric mean over ali patients of the expected number of stays per patient.
(2.) Pereira SMSR. Antropologia da alimentacao: cultura e unidade de alimentacao e nutricao.
Goodness of fit for the Spanish Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SSSRQ) model Model [chi square] df CFI RMSEA 90% CI S-B ES 262.65 113 .907 .056 .047-.065 ESm 232.01 112 .925 .051 .041-.060 CS 284.54 113 .901 .060 .052-.069 CSm 250.83 112 .920 .055 .045-.064 Model AIC GFI AGFI SMSR ES 36.65 .913 .883 .061 ESm 8.01 .926 .900 .062 CS 58.54 .913 .882 .061 CSm 26.83 .927 .900 .060 Note: AH the chi-square tests significant at p < .001; ES = exploratory sample; CS = confirmation sample; m = modifications in the model.