SMSRSide-Mode Suppression Ratio (lasers)
SMSRShaft Mounted Speed Reducer (machinery)
SMSRSociedad Mexicana de Seguridad Radiológica (Mexican Radiation Safety Society)
SMSRSierra Madre Search and Rescue
SMSRSingle-Mode Suppression Ratio (fiber optics)
SMSRSpecial Mouse Stocks Resource (medical technology)
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With reference to the curve in Figure 7 (c), is the curve of SMSR impact on the fault detection.
SMSR = Standardized Root Mean Square Residual is the average differences between the observed and estimated correlations (Byrne, 1998) and values of 0.
The external cavity design and output power of the NeoPhotonics NTL 2040 laser results in a narrow linewidth, low noise, high SMSR and high 40 mW power.
The NeoPhotonics design uses a continuous wave (CW) external cavity laser delivering high spectral purity with low RIN, low SMSR and narrow line width.
An SMSR (Side-Mode Suppression Ratio) of less than 30 dB is achieved over a 5 degree Celsius operating range.