SMSWStore Machine Status Word
SMSWSingle Malt Scotch Whisky (alcohol)
SMSWSenior Maintenance Supervisors' Workshop (National Guard)
SMSWState Medical Society of Wisconsin
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On the revised plans, Sally Bennett, SMSW co-ordinator, said: "As SMSW has not seen the new application we cannot comment fully at this stage on its benefits to nor its impact on this wildlife sensitive site.
"However, if the rooftop balconies are to be removed completely from the development it would be a major improvement and such a move would be welcome by SMSW, other wildlife conservation organisations, groups and individuals."
Patel has an existing collection of SMSWs worth $ 2 million and now has added the constellation collection to boost his investment.
"SMSW volunteers work tirelessly to try and reduce disturbance across the island, which causes stress to the wildlife and can lead to physical harm of seals as they are flushed back into the sea.
"SMSW welcomes the renovation of St Mary's Lighthouse and improvements to the visitor centre and educational facilities.
For more information go to http:// SMSW was set up three years ago and around 30 volunteers take turns to talk to visitors to raise awareness of the island's importance as a nature reserve and try to minimise disturbance.
Such is the case with the supervisor of retainers (shd smsw) Igai-hotep,(196) who, however, lists "hall- keeper of the watch (iry-t n wrsw)" as his only title on his two Abydene stelae.
The translation "elder" for smsw must not lead us to believe that these officials were elderly or retired; see Quirke, Administration, 72, 92, 117.
421 (= RIK 121; this man is the son of a shd smsw); stela from Buhen (= Smith, Buhen, 240; Franke, Personendaten, dossier 562); scarab from Ukma West (= Andreu, Ukma Ouest, 233, no.
For the administrative importance of the smsw in the Nubian forts, see Smith, Aegean Seals, 208, Table 4, and the discussion there.