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SMTSurface-Mount Technology
SMTStatistical Machine Translation
SMTSummit (US Postal Service standard street suffix)
SMTShin Megami Tensei (video game)
SMTSimultaneous Multi-Threading
SMTSenior Management Team
SMTSuomen Matkatoimisto (Finnish travel agency)
SMTSociety for Music Theory
SMTStation Management
SMTSandvik Materials Technology
SMTSpinal Manipulative Therapy
SMTSatisfiability Modulo Theories
SMTSatellite Media Tour
SMTSequential Manual Transmission (Toyota)
SMTSubmillimeter Telescope
SMTSystems Maintenance Technician
SMTSystem Management Terminal
SMTStandards, Measurements and Testing
SMTScars, Marks & Tattoos (law enforcement physical descriptions)
SMTSpill Management Team
SMTStimulation Magnétique Transcrânienne (French: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
SMTScience, Mathematics, Technology
SMTSeaside Music Theater
SMTStork Materials Technology
SMTService Management Team
SMTStress Memorization Technique
SMTSteiner Minimum Tree
SMTSupervised Manufacturer's Testing
SMTShiver Me Timbers
SMTSilicon Microstrip Tracker (used to detect and track elementary particles)
SMTScottish Motor Traction (Co. Ltd.)
SMTSecure Message Transmission
SMTSystem Master Tape
SMTSwitch-Mode Transformer
SMTState Management Team
SMTSoil Moisture Tension
SMTStudy Management Team (NIH)
SMTSeismic MicroTechnology (software company)
SMTSanté-Mentale-Travail (French: Mind-Health-Labor; Canada)
SMTSmart Manufacturing Technology (est. 2002; UK)
SMTServices et Métrologie Textile (French: Textile Metrology Service; est. 1995)
SMTSociété Mathématique de Tunisie (French: Tunisian Mathematical Society)
SMTSystem Management Team
SMTSurface Mount Toroid
SMTShelter Management Team
SMTSpecial Maintenance Team
SMTSource-Model Technique
SMTSucking My Teeth (Internet slang)
SMTSubject Matter Training
SMTStandard Measurement Technique
SMTSystem Manager Training
SMTSystems Methodology Team
SMTStation Mobile-Transportable
SMTSoftware Metrics Tracking
SMTSpatial Mode Transformation (Lasercomm)
SMTSouthern Medical Transport
SMTSyndicat Mixte Transports (French: Combined Transport Union)
SMTSignificant Materiality Threshold
SMTSismique Multi-Trace (French: Seismic Multi-Trace)
SMTSubscriber Multiplex Transponder
SMTSystem Maintenance Test
SMTSystem Management and Translations (Sprint)
SMTSociété de Marquage Technique (French: Marking Technology Company)
SMTSanta Maria Times (newspaper; California)
SMTSecondary Method Training (US Air Force)
SMTSociété de Maintenance Thermique (French: Thermal Maintenance Company)
SMTSingle Minute Test
SMTSociété des Mines de la Tontouta (French: Tontouta Mining Company; La Tontouta, New Caledonia)
SMTSustainable Mobility Technologies (Ford Motor Co.)
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Price-sensitive customers are either unwilling to purchase software separately or coax SMT equipment manufacturers to provide the software for free, forcing several SMT equipment software providers to significantly reduce prices.
Some forms of SMT are more suitable for certain patients, and your overall health will determine which, if any, type of SMT is right for you.
Two trials (5) investigated the efficacy of SMT on tension-type headaches.
Founded in 1988, SMT pioneered the first real-time scoring and wireless data system that allowed fans, media and broadcasters to interact with live data displays at PGA Tour events.
With an accurate planning and production progress tool using real-time event feedback from all processes, tracking SMT progress and completions can be possible.
The second major benefit of the PCB co-planar adaptable SMT receptacle connector is the practical elimination of the CTE mismatch (problem 2) that creates important damage situations for connectors containing fixed pins (see in Figure 3 as an example of an SMT pin fixed into the body of the plastic housing).
But why are Chinese manufacturers such as SMT Limited looking at North America?
Key characteristics of the transaction include: (1) SMT will operate IDS as a wholly owned business unit of SMT; (2) Gerard J.
SMT continues to break new ground with our customized interactive social media platform designed for Spike," said Don Tupper, vice president of business development at SMT.
We are very excited to add Nordson-DIMA SMT to our growing line of product solutions.
This study provides an in-depth analysis on SMT inspection equipment markets and best practices that are the cornerstones for success.