SMTESociety for Music Teacher Education (est. 1982)
SMTESymposium on Music Teacher Education
SMTEShort Message Terminal Equipment
SMTESupermastergroup Translating Equipment
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The current paper will present and discuss the correlation between development of external info-structure by SMTEs (small and medium-sized tourist enterprises) (aimed at facilitation of information streams between the organization and external entities) and the creativity of their personnel.
As mentioned above ICTs applied by SMTEs facilitated access to high qualified personnel on the local market.
Please read the document and if you feel that your organisation is able to contribute to this SMTE please complete the questionnaire and return, via the SourceDogg system by 12 noon 31.
For the avoidance of doubt, this SMTE is for the purpose of conducting a soft market testing exercise, and will not formally begin the procurement or constitute any commitment by the Council to undertake any procurement exercise.
The SMTE in this case is where the Council, at an early stage in development of its proposals but prior to formulating any formal procurement opportunity, seeks input from the market as to what might be the most potentially attractive way of packaging and scoping a future procurement opportunity.
At the same time the interests of consumers who support the specialization of tourism products in line with many activities and amenities packages, quality of content it offers, products SMTEs the destination, require knowledge and experience and expertise in communication, and specifically in the sale.