SMTSSing Me to Sleep (Alan Walker song)
SMTSSenior Member of Technical Staff
SMTSStatistical Machine Translation Software (Language Weaver)
SMTSSpace and Missile Tracking System
SMTSSaskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society (Canada)
SMTSSatellite Modem Termination System
SMTSSo Much to Say (Dave Matthews Band song)
SMTSSouthern Monster Truck Showdown (Ocala, FL)
SMTSSpace Missile Tracking System
SMTSSpecific Minimum Tensile Strength
SMTSSynchronized Multicast Transport Service
SMTSSoftware Management Tracking System
SMTSShow Me the Stars
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"With a consolidated effort for both the SM and the SMTS, we can apply our satellite network experience to optimize system performance and support timely availability of the key ground segments for WildBlue's service launch.
For TQM, the interactive term is the product of the TQM model and technology; for SMTs, the term is the product of SMT participation and technology.
Management's response to its employees also plays a key role in successfully promoting SMTs. Finally, the company should consider what type of technical capabilities under which they operate.
For such specialists to work efficiently and effectively, highly participative and flexible work structures such as SMTs are necessary.
The Company's Common Shares trade on the Bolsa de Valores de Lima and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol 'SMT' and on the NYSE American Exchange under the symbol 'SMTS'.
Concentrating on the SMTs are so effective way for the professional football clubs and players to reach a high-quality connection with extra monitoring during the announcement of sport news and swelling their survival running (Sanderson and Kassing, 2011).
The trials used during all of the preliminary training were presented in the delayed matching-to-sample (DMTS) format and differed from the SMTS trials in terms of the effect of the observing response on the presence of the sample stimulus.
CT is an imaging technique commonly used to evaluate gastrointestinal tract diseases, including SMTs. Typically, accessory spleens appear on CT scans as well-marginated round masses that are smaller than 2 cm and enhance homogeneously on contrast-enhanced images.
In view of the relative lack of research on team personality composition and collective voice (Crant, 2000; Grant & Ashford, 2008; Morrison, 2011; Williams et al., 2010), in the current study we investigated the relationship between the positive personality trait of core self-evaluations and the emergence of voice behavior in SMTs at both individual and team levels.
In the first experiment, three participants between 13 and 21 years of age with profound intellectual disabilities that precluded the ability to name were trained in six SMTS tasks and then were tested on the emergence of equivalence.
Dissection of the SMTs. When the tumor was fully exposed, a hybrid knife was used to gradually dissect the tumor along the tumor capsule, until it was completely resected, and then the specimen was removed.
Submucosal tumors (SMTs) include a wide spectrum of benign-to-malignant lesions.