SMTTSeamonkey Trunk Tracker
SMTTSecretaria Municipal de Trânsito e Transporte (Brazil)
SMTTStrategic Management Tools and Techniques
SMTTSchule für Musik, Theater und Tanz (Germany)
SMTTSomatic Movement Therapy Training
SMTTSOMAction Movement Therapy Training
SMTTSöderhamns Motorcycles Touring Team
SMTTStandard Minimum Task Time
SMTTStudent Marketing Task Team
SMTTSimplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax
SMTTSchool of Management and Training Technology (RAAF)
SMTTSmokey Yunick's Track Tech (book)
SMTTSenior Mentor Training Team
SMTTSociété des Mines de Tassa n’Taghaigué
SMTTSouth Mountain Time Trial
SMTTSpinal Manipulative Thrust Techniques
SMTTSociety for Motor Manufacturers and Traders
SMTTSud Médoc Tennis de Table (French table tennis club; Le Haillan, France)
SMTTSafe Motherhood Training Team
SMTTSupply Maintenance Team Training
SMTTSpezieller Modus Tollendo Tollens
SMTTSmall Monitor Test Tool (input lag testing)
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As usual, SMTT has maintained the tradition of having a promotional add-on track.
In what is billed to be a spectacular blend of happening music, epic travel andirresistible fun, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels (SMTT) is the first full-length feature film to be written and directed by Shailendra Singh.
A concentracao do levantamento de campo em quatro meses se deveu a disponibilizacao das informacoes da SMTT somente a partir do mes de setembro de 2012.
A analise critica dos dados secundarios dos registros da SMTT revelou que os recursos humanos deste orgao sao insuficientes para executar a tarefa de mapear e monitorar os acidentes de transito em Aracaju.
The MTT and SMTT are also calculated for comparison.
The optimized velocity, acceleration, jerk, and tracking error curves for the SMTT are shown in Figures 5(a), 6(a), 7(a), and 8(a) for comparison.
Contract notice: This consultation relates to a public service contract to the reception, treatment and recovery of household waste, bulky and sorting rejects 3 of communes adhering to smtt.
This contract is for the reception, processing and recycling of garbage, bulky and sorting rejects collected in communities of common adherent SMTT and will be routed through collection vehicles belonging to three communities of common center treatment or dock transfer holder.
Contract notice: Treatment and recycling of household waste, bulky refuse and sorting smtt following a statement without following a procedure in accordance with article 59 of the cmp.
According to a Comelec declaration, the Project Management Office has made the lease of a warehouse as its priority in the list of the goods, services and infrastructure required to be procured for the May 13, 2013 elections considering that the terms for the free use of the SMTT Warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna will expire on August 31, 2012.