SMTUState Marine Technical University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
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SMTU was established in 1930 and got the name of Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (LSI).
In 2001, SMTU established the Information Technology Institute to provide training for engineers in the field of IT technology.
Establishing the PLM Shipbuilding Competency Center will provide the Russian shipbuilding industry with comprehensive support of this process," said ITI Director, assistant professor of SMTU, Dr Alexey Lipis.
With partners such as the SMTU, IBM endeavors to provide optimal support of the whole shipbuilding industry in the area of Product Lifecycle Management for the continuous development and enhancement of industry-specific modules required by shipbuilders today.
Current expectations are for a profitable fourth quarter, resulting in an overall profit for SMTU for fiscal 1999.
Work on electrical installations as part of a control group of city Pau / agglomeration community Pau - Pyrenees / SMTU PPP.