SMUCStade Marseillais Universite Club (French: University Stadium Club, Marseille; Marseille, France)
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5) SMUC is the average duration of unfinished cases, and SMDC is the average trial time of disposed cases.
Its elasticities are around 1 (equations [a], [e], [f]), which means that a 10% increase of SMUC will increase SMDC by the same percentage.
However, in the long run the effect is the reverse, for it will increase STKIJN and thereby SMUC, and then it has the effect of increasing SMDC.
Then the econometric model is simplified to the following five equations (10)u(14), and five endogenous variables: DJS, SJS, SMDC, SMUC, STK
WADG, SMDC, SMUC, and RACJ are calculated for civil cases in district courts.