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SMUGSyracuse Macintosh Users Group (New York state)
SMUGSydney Mac Users Group
SMUGSavannah Macintosh Users Group (est. 1986; Savannah, GA)
SMUGStores Management Upgrade
SMUGSouth Mountain Users Group
SMUGSpokane Microcomputer Users Group (Spokane, WA)
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He still seem She said: "I feel very surprised at how smug he looks, to be honest.
3 Four Seasons Ingram Street This huge mural created by Smug (Sam Bates) depicts all types of animals found in Glasgow's parks and green spaces.
| Carly, right, is smug about her date with Duncan but finds out he's married
Next week the latest venture, Brighouse Comedy Festival, is launched with star of the show stand-up comedian and actor Smug Roberts, who has appeared in top TV shows including Phoenix Nights and Mrs Brown's Boys.
Phil is smug after Max signs over the |Arches and the car lot to him
But I allowed myself to feel smug when I sorted out a telephone line and broadband over the internet.
The last thing those investors need is a smug so and so to claim they were stupid, but this happens every time Allan Pitt puts forward an erudite and well presented argument about the staggering inability of the authorities to do anything about this boil on the backside of Bahrain.
THE Archbishop of York described gaps in life expectancy between rich and poor in Britain as a "human rights abuse" as he warned against a "smug" attitude to images of inequality in Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup.
And then we all know the culprits who post endless poolside 'selfies' and smug look-at-me-I'm-inparadise Facebook statuses while they're away.
Sydney, Aug 8 ( ANI ): Australian spin legend Shane Warne has slammed England's attitude in the third Ashes Test as being 'arrogant and dismissive' and has also accused their wicketkeeper Matt Prior of being 'smug'.
Gertrude is one of those goats who is not only good at everything she turns her hooves to, she is smug about it ...
Coleman criticised the performance of referee Steve Bennett after his team's 2-0 defeat to the Barclays Premier League giants at the Ricoh Arena on March 7, labelling the Kent official "smug".