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SMVSigmatel Motion Video
SMVSupport Mp4 Video
SMVSlow Moving Vehicle
SMVStanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten (band)
SMVScience Museum of Virginia
SMVStolen Motor Vehicle (crime)
SMVSanta Maria Valley (railroad)
SMVSchülermitverwaltung (German local pupils' organisations)
SMVSoybean Mosaic Virus
SMVSelectable Mode Vocoder
SMVSuperior Mesenteric Vein
SMVSake Meter Value
SMVSpace Maneuver Vehicle
SMVStop Motion Video
SMVSymbolic Model Verifier
SMVSwiss Mountain Village (resort; Blowing Rock, NC)
SMVSony Music Video
SMVSuperior Medullary Velum (central nervous system)
SMVSanta Maria Valley Railroad
SMVStar of Military Valour (Canada)
SMVsubmentovertex (radiograph)
SMVStrategic Marketing Ventures, Inc. (Warrenton, VA)
SMVSociété de Médecine des Voyages (French: Society of Travel Medicine)
SMVSurveying and Mapping Victoria (Australia)
SMVSexual Market Value
SMVSweet Mini Van
SMVStandard Minute Value (UK)
SMVStacked MicroVia (trademark of DDi Corp.)
SMVSaint-Marcel Vernon (French handball team)
SMVSkill Matching Visa
SMVSociété Mycologique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Mycological Society; Switzerland)
SMVSélections Mondiales des Vins (French: World Wine Selections; Canada)
SMVSandia Monitoring Visit
SMVSimple Multi-Visit
SMVSmooth-Membrane Vesicle (virology)
SMVShadow Mountain Village Mobile Home Park (Scottsdale, Arizona)
SMVSilver Medal of Valor (US Civil Air Patrol)
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* Never allow senior clients to lapse or surrender a UL or convertible term insurance product without first securing an appraisal of SMV value.
The specimen was marked at the operating table with sutures placed at the bile duct margin and the proximal and distal SMV and SMA margins.
Table 6 showed that RGEV serving as a tributary of Henle's trunk was most frequently seen (in up to 100%), followed by convergence with ASPDV before draining into SMV (in 7%-18.8%), and draining into SMV directly was the least (in 6.3%-22.5%).
"This has been an oversight on our part in issuing tickets but we will be looking out for those who do not comply with the SMV law.
Under this mechanism, a schedule of market values (SMV) will be periodically set, updated and published by the DOF for local and national taxation purposes.
Based on its recommendation, MAP would like an assessment level of fifty (50) percent of DOF's SMV for transfer mortis causa of estate property and gratuituous transfer inter vivos of property among members of the family up to the 4th degree of consaguinity.
Computed tomography angiography (angio-CT) examination revealed SMA dilatation to a diameter of 9 mm and SMV with a diameter of 30 mm, which was filled with contrast agent in the early arterial phase.
Revealing abdominal US findings, such as a dilated duodenal segment, an abnormally located intestinal loops and the SMV is located on the left side of the SMA, may help the diagnosis in malrotating patients [1,3,7].
SMV utilizes software-based tools to tap into these embedded instruments to calculate the statistically valid operating margins on prototype circuit boards of a new board design.
The SMV 4531 TB5 HLT features a hybrid diesel/electric driveline, an electrified hydraulic lifting system, and a super capacitor-based energy storage, said the Norway-based company in a statement.
If approved, the plan will have to receive clearance from the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs and the Superintendence of the Peruvian Securities Market - SMV.
La informacion utilizada es la publicada en la pagina web de la Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores (SMV), antes CONASEV, correspondiente a los estados financieros auditados (1) y la memoria anual de las cuatro empresas de la muestra (2).