SMVASuper Multi Domain Vertical Alignment
SMVASouthern Maine Volkssport Association
SMVASmoky Mountain Vacation Adventures (Tennessee)
SMVASkeletal Muscle Ventricular Assistance
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The task of maximal voluntary isometric contraction applied to the head and neck musculature is now called SMVA [28], and was used for the normalization of electromyographic signals.
In the results of differences in electromyographic activity between Group I and II of masseter muscles under resting conditions, SMVA, chewing and percentage of maximum electrical activity, it can be observed that the mean values were higher in the Group II for all variables studied on the right side.
The mean of SMVA was higher in the control group; therefore, individuals with TMD have a significantly reduced ability to tighten the jaw [37], which could be interpreted as a defense mechanism of the injured system [39].