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Salario mensual nominal total de asalariados segun condicion de registro (pesos argentinos *) 2004 2008 2012 SMVM ** 350 980 1,840 No registrados 320 719 1,774 Registrados 853 1,841 4,376 * Tipo de cambio: un dolar estadounidense = 5.
SMVMS is used in high frequency coefficients as high frequency information is generally bigger in focused area.
Low High frequency frequency fusion fusion Matches rules rules DTCWT1 WA SMVMS DTCWT2 NVMS SMVMS DTCWT3 NGMS SMVMS DTCWT4 SML SMVMS DTCWT5 NVMS NVMS Table 2: Performance comparison of the standard images with MI.