SMVPStatistical Methods in Video Processing
SMVPShuttle Master Verification Plan (US NASA)
SMVPSun and Moon Vision Productions (Escondido, CA)
SMVPSparse Matrix-Vector Product
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Nevertheless, the SMVP Awards Festival was a very brilliant show.
Blackmer's SMVP magnetically-coupled sealless sliding vane pumps are now being introduced in the UK by AxFlow.
Combining sliding vane technology with a sealless magnetic coupling, the Blackmer SMVP series pump optimises product containment for the hazardous and difficult to seal fluids typically encountered in liquid terminal applications.
The ongoing debate about the police system became more widespread and more and more parties--like the taskforce IBO, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG 2005), and the Dutch Society, Security and Police Foundation (SMVP 2005)--joined in with their own visions on how the police should be organized.
After all, the police function extends 'from the beat unto the world' ('van wijk tot wereld" SMVP 2005).
Abbreviations used: AMNH, American Museum of Natural History; ANSP, Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia; GSC, Geological Society of Canada; PMU, Paleontological Institute, Uppsala University, Sweden; SMVP, Science Museum, St.