SMWDSanta Margarita Water District (California)
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Half of the crew's work days in a month are devoted to ongoing maintenance of ETWD's system, with the balance contracted to SMWD.
In the last two months, SMWD disclosed the water level at the watershed had gone down to a "critical level" -a major factor in the unprecedented water supply interruption that locals had complained during the period.
At the heart of the problem is the decades-old problem of illegal mining at the watershed, SMWD and local officials admit.
It was designed by leading groundwater experts, in consultation with SMWD and San Bernardino County staff, and was finalized after receiving input from stakeholders and the public.
In its first phase, the Project will deliver up to an average of 50,000 acre-feet per year to Southern California water providers, including SMWD, Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Suburban Water Systems, Golden State Water Company, Jurupa Community Services District, and California Water Service Company.
the chairman of the Board of Director of SMWD said that they are so thankful to the UCPB for giving them such interest rate.
He said that in 2000 the SMWD obtained a loan of P250 million from LWUA for its projects which is payable in 25 years, and began paying P2.
SMWD was the first participant to convert its option agreement and approve a purchase agreement following Project approval.
To safeguard the environment, the Project includes an extensive monitoring and mitigation program that will be independently enforced by the County of San Bernardino and SMWD.
During this comment period, SMWD will conduct two public meetings and hold an informational workshop to answer questions about the Draft EIR and its supporting technical and scientific reports.
By implementing established groundwater management practices, the Project will create a new, sustainable annual water supply for Project participants, which includes SMWD, Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Suburban Water Systems, Golden State Water Company and Jurupa Community Services District.
A Notice of Preparation ("NOP") of a Draft Environmental Impact Report ("DEIR") formally commencing the public portion of the CEQA process was issued in February 2011 by SMWD.