SMWGSediment Management Work Group
SMWGSingle-Mode Waveguide (lightwave technology)
SMWGServer Management Working Group
SMWGSymbols Maintenance Working Group
SMWGSecurities Model Working Group
SMWGSynthesis and Modelling Working Group (World Ocean Circulation Experiment)
SMWGSystems Management Working Group
SMWGSerial Media Working Group
SMWGSoftware Metrics Working Group
SMWGSymphonic Music Working Group
SMWGStormwater Management Working Group
SMWGSpectrum Management Working Group
SMWGStandards Management Working Group
SMWGSelf-Managed Work Group
SMWGSmart Munitions Working Group (Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness; US DoD)
SMWGStrong Motion Working Group (California Integrated Seismic Network)
SMWGSecurity Management Working Group (NASA)
SMWGStandardization Management Working Group (US Navy)
SMWGSensor Management Working Group
SMWGStealth Management Working Group (US Navy)
SMWGSpecification Management Working Group
SMWGState Machines Workgroup
SMWGSoftware Management Working Group
SMWGStandard Manufacturers Working Group
SMWGStandardization Maintenance Working Group (US Navy)
SMWGScience Metadata Working Group
SMWGSucke MiRc Worm Generator
SMWGSalt Model Working Group (SEG/EAEG)
SMWGSectoral Monitoring Working Group
SMWGSmoky Mountain Writers Gathering
SMWGSafety Management Working Group
SMWGStrategic Missile Wing
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The benefits of the new digital surface waters file were captured from key stakeholders in the SMWG during creation of the implementation plan for the project.
In addition to the NHD conflation, all of the features in the Streambed Mapping Dataset are populated with the previously defined SMWG attributes.
SMWG pose several questions for strategic management through the "levels question." If groups throughout an organization are following a strategic development mandate (as in TQM), how does one coordinate these efforts across the organization?
The link between strategic leadership and SMWG poses a delegation question.
Delegation poses several problems for the strategic leader that flow from the role and scope of responsibilities of a SMWG. Delegation is prompted in the hope of creating ownership in a strategic change.