SMWTSix Minute Walk Test
SMWTSelf-Managed Work Team
SMWTSouthern Maryland Wood Treating (St. Mary's County, MD; US EPA)
SMWTSinging Men of West Texas (Midland, TX)
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By Wilcoxon signed-rank test with Bonferroni correction, we observed significant changes in the Mezieres-treated group between T0 and T1 for VAS (p < .001, p = .004), RP-SF36 (p = .019), Berg Balance Scale (p = .004), trunk flexion test (p < .001), FGA (p < .001), SMWT (p = .002), MPAS (p < .001), and UPDRS Total (p < .001) (UPDRS Part I, p =< .001; Part II, p = .001; and Part III, p < .001).
In the control group (Table 5), we noted significant changes between T0 and T1 for trunk flexion test (p = .013), FGA (p = .001), SMWT (p = .012), MPAS (p = .001), and UPDRS Total (p < .001) (UPDRS Part II, p = .028; Part IV, p = .010).
Through the adoption of the SMWT concept, FINE aims to reduce waste, increase efficiency, lower overhead costs without risk, prepare its plant for higher volumes, and clearly define roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
Pain-free walking distance during the SMWT increased significantly in the CER and UBST groups compared with the CONT group after training (37 [+ or -] 47% v.
Although the UBST improved significantly more than the CONT group in PFWD in the SMWT, only the CER group improved significantly in PFWD and total pain perceived during the 6-minute walk test.
Other assessment tools, such as the SMWT, (6) timed sit to stand test, (25) or Berg Balance Scale, (26) may capture aspects of function that gait speed does not.
Almost half (44%) of the original supervisors were transferred or promoted to other Corning facilities that did not have SMWT's.
The employees must be shown what tangible benefits they will receive if the SMWT's work out.
When an SMWT requests certification, the "Advisory Resource Team" reviews the SMWT and makes the final determination as to whether it has met the requirements--successfully performing all the responsibilities associated with its current stage.
And the SMWT members themselves presented their experiences with reorganizing themselves into teams.
"When aggressive improvement goals are exceeded, employees share the monetary gain." Does the existence SMWTs mean that supervisors, technicians, or others will lose their employment?
We can be proud that TI Malaysia is among the first in TI worldwide to have adopted SMWTs. It is a creative way for you to use your talents and it provides an opportunity to learn and develop yourself to be a better person, while at the same time makes life more interesting and rewarding." Mohd Azmi adds, "Technicians, in the past, some of them, as they stepped into the plant, parked their brains outside the fence.